A visit to Africa is truly one of the most incredible travel adventures you will ever make. I have been there several times, and each time is as spectacular as the first. There are moments that I sat in awe, looking at nature, mesmerized at the beauty.

It’s hard to put into words, but this journey is nothing short of spectacular.

There are so many different experiences to be had on this unique continent. I will be happy to share everyone of them with you.

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Africa as a continent is so diverse in both landscapes and cultures. When most people think of Africa, they think “safari”.

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The continent offers a wide variety of luxury accommodations. On safari, the rustic lodges and tented camps are the norm.

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There will be no shortage of lifelong memories made through the experiences of traveling on an African Safari.

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Luxury safari operators throughout Africa source local foods, and prepare and present each meal exquisitely.

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Lions, Zebras, Elephants and More!

“The trip of a lifetime.”

That’s what many of my clients that have visited Africa have said to me upon their return. There are so many life altering experiences that will live in your memory forever when you visit this beautiful land.

From the wildlife to the people, the warmth and hospitality, and SPIRIT, is what makes a journey to Africa one you never forget.


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One ultimate vacation destination for the adventurous, sophisticated traveler will always be Africa. When most people think of Africa, they vision the animals on a safari, or the unique landscapes found only in Africa. There is that…. and much more.

The continent is so large and vast. South Africa is one of the most populated countries with cosmopolitan Johannesburg, and Cape Town. Kenya is home to the city of Nairobi where Giraffe Manor and the Karen von Blixen Museum, along with beautiful game reserves.

Africa is also home to the popular tourist countries of Egypt and Morocco to the north, as well as many other areas for safaris such as Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Tanzania to name a few.

Accommodation Options

There is no shortage of incredible accommodation on the continent. Africa offers everything from luxury tented safari camps and lodges to boutique hotels. When planning a safari with a tour operator, the accommodations are typically packaged in with the trip.

I have been to various places in Africa and would be happy to share my knowledge and first-hand experiences with you.


There are so many incredible experiences awaiting you on your journey to Africa. Vehicle safaris are the most popular. Getting up close to the wildlife in a safari vehicle offers visitors an opportunity to relax and shoot photos throughout the visit.

Walking safaris are becoming popular as well. Guided walking safaris allow travelers to venture into big game country on foot for anywhere between an hour to as long as a few days. Fly-in safaris provide a completely different perspective as visitors will be transported by a light aircraft to various points on safari. The birdseye view is unlike anything you’ll experience on land.

For the very fit and healthy, Gorilla trekking is a life changing experience. You’ll hike into rainforests with experienced guides and get as close as 22-32 feet away from a gorilla family, watching them for typically 45 minutes to an hour.

A visit to the Maasai Mara in Kenya should be on your list as well as a trip to Giraffe Manor when you’re in Nairobi.

There are way too many incredible experiences to behold on your journey. Africa should definitely be on the bucket list for every adventurous traveler.


The cuisine throughout Africa is a varied as the continent itself. North African countries are very similar to the Mediterranean areas and include staple foods such as meat, lamb, seafood, beef, dates, almonds, and olives to name a few. Ethiopian cuisine is very popular throughout the world.

Each region has different local dishes and ingredients, making wherever you travel throughout Africa a culinary delight!

When on a luxury safari, be prepared to experience some of the most flavorful dishes you’ve ever eat, exquisitely presented!

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